Sustainability – Being a responsible business

We appreciate that our business activities impact directly and indirectly, on the areas of society and the environment in which we operate. Our aim is help our customers create better buildings and leave a positive legacy whilst soundly managing these impacts in a responsible manner. We are determined to act in ways that are good for the environment, good for the community as well as good for our customers.

We focus on the key environmental and social issues and where we can, collaborate with our peers to make a real difference to the built environment. In times of limited resources, we must all do more with less. We continue to work to mitigate the environmental impact of our operations by cutting energy, water and resource use throughout delivery stage while seeking solutions that enhance the efficiency of the buildings we create.

By supporting local employment and business opportunities we enrich the lives of those we work alongside, while benefiting ourselves from much-needed talent. These interventions are also vital in attracting a more diverse workforce and we recognise, in particular, the importance of early engagement in challenging unhelpful perceptions of our industry. To this end, we work closely with social enterprise partners, local schools and colleges to promote the variety of exciting careers the industry can offer them.

Our commitment to Eliminating Waste, Reducing Climate Change and Transforming Communities enable us to balance corporate, ethical and environmental principles with sound business practice for sustainable commercial success.

We take our business responsibility seriously and endeavour to encourage and develop good business practices based upon our core values of performance and integrity.


A key priority of our approach is eliminating waste. Our drive to divert non-hazardous construction waste from landfill is part of an overarching strategy in waste reduction. We are continually learning and developing our on-site processes to identify cost effective, innovative and practical solutions to minimise the production of waste, thus reducing the overall cost of waste disposal for our customers.

To achieve this we will continue to:

  • Work collaboratively with our supply chain to obtain a more accurate understanding of the true cost of waste (design, material procurement and disposal) and develop new ways of working to drive waste reduction and improve efficiency
  • Improve waste reporting/measurement through the use of our bespoke Site Waste Management Plan, tailored to Environmental Assessment Methods and customer requirements
  • Identify and effectively communicate best practice across all of our projects to help improve efficiency, sharing our learnings with peers and the wider industry (e.g. proud committee members of Constructing Excellence)
  • Challenge our detailed supplier questionnaire, preferred supplier agreements and sub contractor orders to encourage better and more efficient ways to manage waste. We continue to utilise the online WRAP tools and encourage awareness of their halving waste to landfill campaign


We believe that sustainable buildings, structures and infrastructure can help to encourage economic prosperity with better living and working environments contributing to improved productivity.

Energy prices, material costs and taxes on waste disposal are all rising. Reducing waste, materials and energy consumption, controlling pollution and prevention of incidents can all save money.

LAMORADA ensures that proper consideration of building design, construction and operation is given to enable a reduction in the overall cost of a building throughout its lifetime.


It is LAMORADA’s ability to make deep, long lasting connections with people and within communities that enables us to deliver our customers sustainable vision, during and after the delivery of our construction projects. We set objectives before construction works commence, setting out a local employment and economic strategy that is specific to the project and the community. Within this strategy we set out predetermined targets and report against them on a monthly basis.

Creating secure employment is at the heart of sustainable communities. At a time with increasing unemployment especially with young people, we believe that businesses have a greater role to play in society. LAMORADA continues to provide support to local communities in which we live and work through:

  • Raising the aspiration and skills of young people
  • Creating local employment and training opportunities
  • Encourage local employment and measure the economic impact of our projects on the local community, through the Local Economic Multiplier
  • Proud committee members of the Constructing Excellence Best Practice Club
  • We hold annual Community Day events, which involve all of our staff and supply chain members. These are fun days that help raise charitable donations to non for profit organisations such as Claire House
  • Work in partnership with Local social enterprises to encourage local employment across our projects