At LAMORADA Construction we aim to deliver on budget and on time, all of the time. We are a privately owned business, with financial independence that allows for a clear focus on our long term vision, goals and values.

Our commitment to­ building long term relationships with our clients means we better understand their needs and provide personalised, best value service delivery.

We utilise our expertise, enthusiasm and drive to create added value for our customers. Through the delivery of the customer’s product we aim to improve the sustainability of the communities in which we work and to protect the environment in which we live.

Mission Statement

To provide construction and consultancy services that surpass our Clients’ expectations, through the selective use of responsible subcontractors, by hiring and retaining first class employees, and by approaching the building process with honesty and integrity.  This will provide the foundation for long term customer relations and growth. We are committed to the success of our Clients, our business partners, and our employees.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to create and maintain an organization of highly skilled construction professionals that serve our Clients’ needs with honesty and integrity.  To provide an environment that promotes personal growth and self-pride and differentiate ourselves as the supplier of choice to those seeking quality, personal service, and value.

Our Values

  • Performance
    LAMORADA prides itself on never standing still. An important part of our culture is our collective sense of responsibility to always seek ways to improve. This philosophy manifests itself in our determination to continually challenge ourselves and the wider industry to deliver continuous improvement and embrace change.  We understand that high level performance underpins everything that we do at LAMORADA and is the measure of our success.
  • Respect for people and community
    We respect each other and we do things in a safe and sustainable manner. Our business can only strive if we encourage everyone to achieve their potential and we invest in the development and training of our staff.  We understand that our projects can positively impact upon the communities in which they are delivered and we set goals for each of our projects to ensure that we maximise the value of every pound spent on the project within the local community.  We promote smarter engineering and construction methodologies that continually improve the spaces and buildings we create for the benefit of our customers and the communities in which we work.
  • Intelligence
    We believe the industry needs to seize the opportunity to be more radical and innovative. This places greater emphasis on a more talented workforce, adopting new and better approaches to engineering and construction.We embrace this challenge by constantly striving to solve challenges through devising smarter engineering solutions that give us a competitive edge and over time, drive industry-wide transformation.
  • Teamwork
    We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We achieve greater success when we collaborate as a business and an industry. We put the team ahead of personal success and deliver all of our projects with a partnering philosophy.
  • Integrity
    We approach all of our projects with proactivity and act with integrity at all times.  This approach has gained us recognition as a contractor of choice and customer feedback has told us that our customers appreciate the effort that our project teams make and that they consider our teams ‘go the extra mile.’   We have an Operational Excellence team that meet monthly to establish new targets to deliver continuous improvement by way of new policies and processes.  Delivering these with integrity and for the benefit of customers and the built environment underpins their approach.