Design & Construct

As principal contractor, we work for the benefit of our customers. We plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the entire design and construction phase.

We specialise in delivering full design and build packages, employing experienced design managers, project managers and cost planners to ensure that we deliver on time, on budget, every time. As expert design and construction integrators, we have dedicated teams offering a fully coordinated pre-construction service enabling us to facilitate the design vision of your build.

At LAMORADA we understand and embrace the value of your design, ensuring the transition into construction via procurement, manufacture and fabrication is as seamless as possible. Our approach of engaging early with design allows us to influence design solutions when they will create the best value for the client.

We understand what is takes to ensure successful delivery of our projects and we ensure our strategies are developed into robust programmes that are delivered on time and within budget. We add value to the projects we deliver with our continuous drive to find smarter, more agile solutions for our clients.

We manage risk, time, cost and quality and employ, strong, expert leadership to maintain complete control and transparency across the process.

Clients and society need the construction industry to challenge the conventional design and procurement process. Through collaborative partnerships formed at the beginning of a project, design and delivery teams can adopt a new approach to design that unlocks greater value: in the quality of the design, in the quality of the delivery and in the quality of the end product.

LAMORADA work with designers to deliver our customers visions with increased certainty of success. Working collaboratively as a delivery partner from the earliest project stages, we assure the quality, cost and programme outcomes that are vital to success. As an integral part of the project team, we make sure the needed experience of construction, manufacturing and logistics, available in our direct delivery teams, is embodied in the design vision from its earliest development. By engaging early with a delivery partner, with a fully collaborative approach to managing costs and risks, our customers and their design teams can avoid the traps of traditional lowest-cost procurement. The project team can focus on the key deliverables from the outset.